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BigWigs and Publicity

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We found out yesterday that a couple of articles featuring our exhibit have been published on-line. One on the guardian science website and one on

Yesterday evening was the first soiree event of the exhibition. We had to field plenty of difficult and incisive questions from the fellows of the Royal Society. Our exhibit was also visited by a couple of MPs. See below for pictures of Universities and Science minister David Willets playing on our Scalextric set and Liberal Democrat MP Julian Huppert doing the same. In the interests of the coalition we won't say who drove better.

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Kids Kids and More Kids

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The exhibit was open to the public for the first time today and it was non-stop action. Several bus loads of school kids descended on us and tested the scalextric and computer games to (near) destruction. We were all really encouraged by how enthusiastic everyone was and by the very difficult questions we were asked!

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Set Up

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On Friday the 1st June we loaded our exhibit into the back of a van and drove it to London. What could of been a very boring journey was enlivened by the fact that we got stuck in a real life Phantom Jam! Professor Eddie Wilson even managed to collect some video data on his mobile phone.

We unloaded the exhibit into the Royal society in a record 45 minutes and left to return on Sunday for Set up. Below are some Photographs of the Exhibit stand being set up and the Team ready for action.

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Welcome to our exhibition blog

Throughout the course of the exhibition week (5th-10th July 2011) we will be trying to post updates and reports on how it's all going, hopefully with some pictures and videos too.

For a "sneak preview" of what our exhibit is going to look like check out the pictures below from a trial build that we did in the University last week..

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